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Transcanal Endoscopic Excision of Glomus Tympanicum in can tho Ent Hospital: Three Cases Report

Pham Xuan Huyen, Ho Le Hoai Nhan, Pham Thanh The and Chau Chieu Hoa*

Published: 13 July, 2023 | Volume 7 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-004

Glomus tympanicum (GT) is a highly vascular, benign, and slow-growing tumor of the middle ear. It can be confused with other common ear diseases such as acute middle ear infection, otitis media with effusion, ear trauma… It is accurately diagnosed by history and endoscopy. CT scan showing: the presence of eroding jugular bulb is the most important thing to distinguish glomus tympanicum and glomus jugulare and assess the extension of the tumor to make good surgical planning. We present here the three cases in Can Tho ENT hospital: where total excisions were achieved trans-canal endoscopically without embolization. These procedures were safe, quick, and effective due to the better visualization of the surgical field with the endoscope.

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Glomus tympanicum tumor; Eroding jugulare bulb; Trans-canal endoscopy


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